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Tuesday 24 July 2012

10th July

It has been two weeks since I have turned 19.
NINETEEN. What a wonderful number.

At first life did not seem to be any different due to the fact it really was a day like every other. But somehow everything changed in the last days. I feel more peaceful. There was a heavy cloud following around me for the last weeks for a reason I do not know. Now everything brightens up. Sunshine accompanies me day to day. I have closed doors which did no good for me and suddenly big gates unblocked. I was introduced to new lovely things and people. 
I do not know wether it's the age or just life as it goes but somehow everything is running well and seems to shine brightly.

On my birthday my love and I went out for dinner and on the weekend I celebrated with my family and friends. We enjoyed lovely food and cake and I was given beautiful presents.

birthdaycard I was given by my love

I want to thank everybody for the congratulations! 
Thank you very much!