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Monday 29 September 2014

Into Fashion

Very seldom I let someone take my pictures. I do self-portrait sessions sometimes but the last one has been a while now. For a change I let my brother take some images of me to present a new fashion outfit.

 It was very strange for me to be in front of the camera and I was very tensed at first. But with every picture that was taken I found myself acting and posing more relaxed. Whenever I met up with professional or amateur models a lot of the girls would ask me, why I am not modeling? My answer was simple: Honestly, it just never came to my mind before as I love to capture beautiful moments behind the camera. 
Well, for sure I enjoyed taking my self portraits now and then, but that was it. Within the last months or weeks I could not get rid of the thought of starting to model. 
I remembered that already as a child I was dreaming of being on stage acting or even playing a role in a film.Years ago I was acting on stage doing music theatre plays and I played a mini role as a supporting actress in one of my short films (LIGHT) produced in Berlin last November. It was such good fun!! If you look at acting and modeling more precisely one can not be without the other. As a model you play a role fitted to the photo shoot or catwalk theme. And as an actor or actress you have to present yourself too - looking good as the character from a script. 

Maybe I can combine being behind and in front of the camera somehow in the future. Whether it is for photo shoots or films.
Otherwise I keep on dreaming. And dreams make me keep on going - working hard to make them come true ONE DAY.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Treasured Path

I met Amelia in a beautiful town in Kent during my stay in England. We walked through a park nearby and further along where we reached a beautiful landscape with a little river on the one side and fields with cows and horses on the other side. Amelia brought some beautiful dresses with her and we changed outfits every now and then. Many people were walking their dogs along the little road and one won our heart at first sight. His name was Brian not doing at all what his owner told him. He was simply sniffing at flowers and watching me taking my models pictures. Chubby Brian finally wanted to model too and stood besides Amelia and just before I could take a proper picture he listened to his owner and ran away. 

It was lovely just walking along the way in nature discovering beautiful locations and capturing wonderful moments. 
A big thank you to Amelia who was so spontaneous to do this photo shoot and brilliant at modeling.

Model: Amelia Francis

Thursday 18 September 2014

Night Whistle

Model: Madeleine Schmiderer