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Thursday 28 June 2012

Donauinselfest with Nihils

Last weekend, 23th of June, the band Nihils headed off to Vienna to do a performance at the "Donauinselfest". Vanessa, the guitarist's girlfriend, and I accompanied them. As we arrived at the capital city we stayed at the hotel for a little while to rest. After everybody was dressed up and ready to go we drove to the Isle, parked and waited for the trolly which then transfered the boys and their equipment to one of the stages. At 8.30 pm Nihils began their show and the place in front of the stage filled with more and more people who cheered for their music.

Trip through Scotland

tea at the B&B

On 11th June we rented a car and travelled around the countryside. During the day we spent our time enjoying the beauty of the fields, hills, animals and waters. We were taking pictures of all the pretty locations we visited.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

eat more plants

To start my blog I thought I would post my latest filmproject I shot in may - an advert called "eat more plants" .

I want people to be conscious of their food. It is good to eat things that have not made an endless long journey around the world and through dozens of factorys but which come directly from our country or better our own garden. Back to nature! I prefer not to eat any meat as animals are treated so cruel these days and with the advert I want to invite people to eat less meat.