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Thursday 28 June 2012

Trip through Scotland

tea at the B&B

On 11th June we rented a car and travelled around the countryside. During the day we spent our time enjoying the beauty of the fields, hills, animals and waters. We were taking pictures of all the pretty locations we visited.

In the evenings we were welcomed by the caring owners of the B&Bs we have booked. The rooms were lovely and cosy and we made picknicks on the beds on days we did not go out for dinner.
The most special place for me was definitely the Isle of Skye where it did not become dark at night.
It seemed as there were more sheep than people on the island. I enjoyed the peace. Time appeared to stand still. 
Unfortunately we did not see the monster of Loch Ness but cute little rabbits running around free instead.
Our last day we spent in the wonderful capital city Edinburgh wandering around the castle and the town listening to the sound of bagpipes.


little cat following us around Iona

  scottish pounds

sheep on the Isle of Skye